How to Make Profits in Small Businesses?

Every businessman wishes to start a new business that will become successful and profitable in the long run. There are lots of strategies and techniques that business owners can be applied to improve their current business standing. As an entrepreneur, you need to establish several business practices to obtain that successful growth. The following are a number of tips that are very important for every business owners. Setting Goals Determining your goals or plans is one of the most … [Continue reading...]

Canadian Banker to Assume Top Post in the British Bank

Mark Carney, who was widely acclaimed to be the person behind the growing economic stability of Canada and who steered the country through the Great Recession, is now leaving Canada for much bigger role in repairing the global world of finance in Britain. Britain's Chancellor George Osborne dispels a great wave of shock in the banking world on Monday by announcing that Mr. Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada since 2008, will assume the same seat at the Bank of England on July next year. This … [Continue reading...]

BOC Seeks to Expand Yuan Business in London

Bank of China has planned to establish new ground for yuan business in the pursuit of its plan to expand new business in London, the latter was chosen as the West's main center for trade of yuan business. According to Wang Huabin, the chief corporate banking officer of UK-based Bank of China, the planning of Yuan business is definitely the trending topic in London these days, since both of the governments namely, the British government and London government are very interested on the setting up … [Continue reading...]

Qou Vadis Asian Economy?

The Asian economy is revolutionizing. Often viewed as the rural region of the world, economic performances mainly depend on agriculture, forestry, and manual labor. Asian used to be looked down in races, ethnicity and the region it is bounded. Even in 2000s, it was still considered as belonging to the third world except for Japan and China. Asian countries was also believed to be suffering from above the fold poverty - the crisis even of the unborn. Remarkably, Asian economy began to rise and … [Continue reading...]

Fluctuations in Oil Prices Make The World Economy Suffers

The Middle East seems certain that they are holding the largest deposits of oil in the world. But still they are not the ones who set the oil prices. In the 1970s to the 1980s, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) of which Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela belong set the oil prices. But as the global markets become complicated, oil prices are now set by the movement of three major international exchanges which are the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), … [Continue reading...]

US Economy: Predictions of 2013

2013 is yet to come. It comes with different possibilities and uncertainties. Election was settled and officials have also laid their plans. Economist around the world is now watching over how will the economy of USA-a blessed nation be turned upside down. Economists do well with economic forecasting. It is a process of predicting the future of the economy through aggregate measures including GDP, Inflation, unemployment and fiscal deficits. It can also be measured through disaggregate gauges … [Continue reading...]

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